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Short description of the Shinkansen Nozomi

◆From 1992 as a highest train of Tokaido~Sanyo Shinkansen between Tokyo and Hakata(Fukuoka), it is set to further above the HIKARI, was initially started to operate the 300 type as a new input.

*Tokaido Shinkansen=tokyo~Shin-Osaka.(JR Tokai)
Sanyo Shinkansen=Shin-Osaka~Hakata.(JR West Japan)

It passes through the debut most of the station initially, became a topic as a train that does not even stop at Nagoya Station, there is a JR Tokai headquarters.

Whereas reached 300km / h in the Sanyo Shinkansen section, the highest rate in the Tokaido Shinkansen has been become stationary at 270km / h, with the performance of the vehicle, also shortening the time while increasing stop station It has been achieved.

500-bsThen, 500 type JR West has developed debuted. It was a vehicle that was driving in the first 300 kilometers, but the car will ride because it was narrow was bad by a circular cross-sectional shape. For those who see even it was loved by the popular futuristic appearance.

Then turn, it has changed the 700 type ··· N700 type ··· N700A system and generation. 700 system has been already reduced the playing field, at the same time when the N700 type have been mass-produced, because it was supposed to be further high-performance N700A system appeared, and N700A type to N700type vehicle began to success once remodeling to add the equivalent of the device has been performed. Them, the N700 type logo that received the remodeling was given the character of a small “A” to the right edge of the part.

by NIHONKAI FACTORY design office

N700type side view.     by NIHONKAI FACTORY design office

And finally, it was announced that improve to 285km / h in the revised March 14, 2015. Vehicle of the Tokaido Shinkansen, seem to achieve by that has been unified in the high-performance N700A type.


◆Super Express NOZOMI trainmarks

n700a・As with conventional lines, train sign of Shinkansen was also heavy use, such as shadow text and gradients, it has been an increasing number of those variously elaborate design.

・As a result, such as a person who is not a railway mania also or “N700 system” “E7 system”, it was increasingly able to see the figure referred to in the format name.

・N700A system was made to further improve the N700 type. Logo also are based on those of the N700type, but has highlighted a large letter “A”, are to be able to be clearly distinguished in anyone’s eyes.N700type logo was also so, but the gradient is very beautiful, felt good shine balanced, but long faded hard to design.

N700系・Aタイプ改造車This vehicle is more than speed up by the maximum speed improvement, to achieve a speed-up in such a way that exhibits the best performance of each driving situation. In other words, “the ability to catch up,” is the vehicle that was dramatically improved.



NOZOMI 300type

300lastrun300 series is the first of the vehicle that ran as a “Nozomi”. And, even in that for the first time dining car has been excluded as a Shinkansen was a vehicle that symbolizes the speed of the Shinkansen. Also the 300 type, retired being missed in 2012.

The last period in which the retirement was imminent, but represents the feelings of gratitude for active decoration had been subjected, it is that skillfully taking advantage of the line of dark blue that was originally designed, was something that was taken very harmonious It was.
(See picture)

◆Photo of “NOZOMI”

700 TYPE

700 TYPE at Shin-Yamaguchi station


N700 TYPE at Shin-Yamaguchi station


300TYPE at Shin-Yamaguchi station


500TYPE at Nagoya station


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